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As the producers of the SMART Sista Youth Career Boot Camp, it is our promise to fulfill on the following intentions with each event.


  • Aware of why getting a skill is crucial to living a life you love
  • Aware of real costs/responsibility of being an adult
  • Aware of why its important to love/like your career path vs just going for money
  • Aware of and informed about “hidden” and emerging job markets
  • Empowered and in action to find possible career paths that excite and  inspire them
  • Clear about what steps they need to take to fulfill on whatever track they are interested in pursuing for their life


  • Aware of what basic skills/knowledge their child/student needs to be a responsible fully functioning adult
  • Are able to separate their own unfulfilled dreams/hopes from what they want for their child/student
  • Aware of and informed about “hidden” and emerging job markets
  • Empowered to  assist / empower their child/student in discovering a life track that is inspiring and exciting (to the student)


  • Aware of the concerns and desires of their potential customers
  • Secure customers for their products & services


  • Inspire students to pursue careers that are of interest and exciting to them
  • Feel happy and proud to have made a difference for and contributed the success of youth and the future of their community