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A Case For Action

What is so:

  • National College Graduation Rate-57%, Black Female Rate -43%, Black Male Rate-46%
  • Students drop out for many reasons including
    • Poor academic performance/not having study skills needed to pass
    • Disinterest in course of study
  • Drop outs tend to struggle in life
    • Paying back student loans without career to support expense
    • Feel like failures b/c they didn’t finish school
    • End up in careers they don’t like just to survive
  • 55% of Americans in jobs they are dissatisfied with
  • Youth in inner city public skills are not encouraged to pursue additional training after high school (if they graduate)
  • African American students and families are not thinking about post-high school life options until the END of senior year (other communities start preparation as early as sophomore year in high school)
  • Parents encourage students to go into one (1) of three (3) career fields in college (Doctor, Lawyer, Engineering) even though students may have interests and aptitude in other areas b/c the parents want the students to have the highest likelihood of success
  • Parents and students are unaware of the wide spectrum of career options available that will allow students to live comfortable and prosperous lives.
  • Parents & students fear that they cannot afford to “go to school”

Probable Future:

  • African Americans will continue to have low college graduation rates
  • Students will start courses of studies and change halfway into college only incur more debt and take longer to graduate
  • Young people won’t find careers they are inspired by and jobs they love
  • Economic struggle in the Black community will continue
  • Depression and sense of failure/powerlessness will continue
  • Parents will continue to force students into one of the Big Three

New Possibility:

  • Students find post-high school careers that they love AND are suited for
  • Students have the skills to succeed in college AND in life
  • Parents are confident that their children will be “ok” and able to make it on their own
  • Students will get into life-planning earlier in the high school careers
  • Parents will be informed on how to support their kids in picking a life path that will inspire them and provide for their financial and mental well-being
  • Parents and students will be able to finance post-secondary training and education

If you are interested in making this Possibility a Reality, Join Team SMART and help us create this phenomenal event!