Jul 24

Smart Sistas Guide to College

The S.M.A.R.T. Sistas guide to college is the essential book for any young woman heading off to or already in college. Unlike most college books it’s not about how to get into college, but about how to survive while there! Covering everything from dating on campus to picking a major to how to get along with your roommate, having this book will make the difference in loving or loathing the first semester or first year away from home.

I remember my first day of college. My Dad and I drove to Duke University after dropping my older sister off at school in Texas. We pulled up to campus with a mini–van full of boxes and I was nervous and excited all at the same time!After we unpacked, and my Dad made his way back home to Detroit, it was time for the adventure to begin. There were orientations and welcome receptions and tons of information given to us about what to expect and how to get started, but looking back there was a WHOLE lot of information that campus advisors and the “official” welcome committee didn’t tell me.

I was lucky, I had an older sister who had two years of college under her belt already and she shared with me a lot of great information that made a HUGE difference in my freshman year. In fact her advice kept me out of a lot of trouble AND helped me take advantage of a lot of things I may not have tried otherwise.

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