Apr 26

Adult Survival Skills

What does it take to be a grown up? Rather I should say a SMART adult? Techinically once you hit 18 years you’re an adult in our society, but in reality most people are stuck somewhere in between childhood & adolescence developmentally.  It is our job as parents, mentors, elders, friends, & family to help ourselves AND the young people in our lives mature into responsible adults who have the skills needed to win in the world.  One of the things we work on in the SMART Sista Youth Career Boot Camp are developing those skills.  Take a look at the list below and ask yourself if you’re really an adult and if you are lacking in any skills… don’t worry its never to late to learn!

Basic Adult Survival Skills

  • Laundry / Sewing / Garment Repair
  • Healthy Meal Planning / Nutrition
  • Budgeting & Money Management
  • Cooking
  • Grooming / Hair Care
  • Time Management / Scheduling
    • Waking Up w/o parental assistance
    • Going to bed at a reasonable hour
    • Scheduling time for Homework, Studying
    • Getting chores done
  • Responsibly selecting a peer group / friends
  • Networking & Relationship Building
  • Recognizing unsafe environments/ situations/ conditions & knowing how to avoid/get out of them
  • Safe & Smart Intimate and/or Sexual behavior
  • Using & Building Credit Responsibly