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Talking Points & Workshop Topics

Beautiful You

Expanding on topics in her book The S.M.A.R.T. Sistas Guide to College, Kania shares with young collegiate women secrets, tips, and tricks to make the most out of their first year in college.

Campus Life: Dating, Studying, Partying, Safety

Transitioning from the confines of home life to freedom of collegiate life can be overwhelming for some students. Kania shares with college students how to find the balance to enjoy college and be responsible.

Career Boot Camp

Career Boot Camp The SMART Sista Career Boot Camp is an intensive that educates high school juniors and seniors on all options available to them after High School, empowers parents/guardians in preparing and supporting their students in being on

Fit, Fabulous & SMART

The key to living the fabulous life, is knowing how to take care of your body and find balance. As responsibilities mount, and their bodies change, this workshops assists young women be fit, able to meet the demands of life without undue stress or

The Hook Up

What gets you ahead in life is not really what you know it’s WHO YOU KNOW. Don't waste your time in college studying in getting the best grades, instead; learn how to build the relationships you'll need to make it in the REAL WORLD.


General Topics

Dating, Goal-Setting, Living Your Purpose, Finding Your Purpose, Beauty, Fitness, Well Being, Sensuality, Joy, Fulfillment, Women, Femininity


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