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Oct 02

The Sooooooul Bowl!

What I didn’t realize until more recently is that the way I view myself and my people has truly been shaped by my knowledge of the depth and breadth of who we are and what we do and have done. I am and have always been proud to be Black AND being Black has been synonymous with resilience, brilliance, creativity, and strength.

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Sep 17


The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine announced the results of The Princeton Review’s annual survey that names the top 25 undergraduate schools and top 25 graduate schools offering the best programs for entrepreneurship studies in the nation. You can find the full list of schools here. From more than 2,000 schools that The Princeton Review …

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Jul 25

Get Your College Application Essay Published!

The Princeton Review is currently updating College Essays That Made a Difference (Random House). First published in 2003, this book has helped thousands of college applicants through one of the most trying parts of the application process: the essay. To keep the content exciting and up-to-date, we are looking for new essays to include in the forthcoming 2014 …

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Jul 07

GMAT Score Previews Are Now Available

Preview your GMAT score before deciding to report it to schools! A recent announcment from GMAC, the owner of the GMAT exam, explains that now students will have an opporunity – at the end of the test – to see their unofficial Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal and Total scores. Test-takers will then have two minutes to …

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Jun 20

Summer Break, But Not For Your Brain

Summer’s here! And while it may be tempting to toss all your books out the window, it may not be the best idea. If you’re currently a full-time student, shutting your brain off for the summer may sound relaxing, but when September rolls around, you may be putting yourself at a disadvantage. Taking that long …

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